35W – The Love Hate Heartbreak of Minneapolis

35W is a hot topic in the twin cities. Locals often remark on the highway’s perpetual construction. The freeway is prone to flooding. The 35W merger with “The Cross Town” was once targeted by politicians for its poor design. In 2007, the nation saw the 35W bridge over the Mississippi River collapse, ultimately killing 13Continue reading “35W – The Love Hate Heartbreak of Minneapolis”

Being Car-Lite in Minneapolis

My partner and I moved to Minneapolis two years ago in 2019. We moved for many reasons, primarily for him to study at the University of Minnesota. He and I made many adjustments to our lifestyles when we landed in Minnesota. We found new friends, discovered new foods, located new stores for us to buyContinue reading “Being Car-Lite in Minneapolis”

Life without a smartphone in 2021: 1 month later

I am one month into my life without a smartphone challenge. I am still alive and fully functioning. I’ve noticed a few benefits and limitations to living without a smartphone. In this listicle (i.e., an article formatted as a list), I will describe my key takeaways of life without a smartphone. 1. It feels goodContinue reading “Life without a smartphone in 2021: 1 month later”

Critical Infrastructure: Building Broadband Awareness

There has been a lot of news lately on President Biden’s Infrastructure Bill and its $100 billion allocation to improving broadband service to Americans. My recent challenge of Life Without a Smartphone has encouraged me to reflect on the possibility of living life with less access to the internet. While I haven’t used my smartphoneContinue reading “Critical Infrastructure: Building Broadband Awareness”

Life without a smartphone in 2021: Roam if you want to!

Like many of us, I went on an extended-weekend getaway for the 4th of July. Unlike many of us, I left my smartphone at home. As part of my experiment, ‘Life without a smartphone in 2021’ I promised to put my smartphone down for a couple of months and reflect on my new experiences. AfterContinue reading “Life without a smartphone in 2021: Roam if you want to!”

Life without a Smartphone in 2021? Challenge Accepted!

The COVID-19 Pandemic propelled us further into the digital environment. In 2019, before the Pandemic, Americans spent approximately 3 ½ hours a day on their smartphones. Since early 2020, American’s smartphone usage exploded. The internet is now a critical utility, akin to running water and electricity. The FCC and federal lawmakers are working to ensureContinue reading “Life without a Smartphone in 2021? Challenge Accepted!”

The Current State of Pride

June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month, a month to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, highlight the community’s triumphs, and acknowledge current challenges. As a Queer person, the month encourages me to reflect on my journey through the Gay experience. I think about my partner, whom I owe everything for his love and support. I think about myContinue reading “The Current State of Pride”

Community Organizing with Zoom: Challenges, Opportunities, and Background Noise

Hey Kyle, good to see you! How are things? Oh, Kyle, you’re on mute. Sorry Rebecca, you’re breaking up. Hey Jeff, I’m getting some feedback from your line. Can you go on mute? I’m sorry my kids are being loud. Hey guys can you hear me? My sound is being choppy. I’m going to turnContinue reading “Community Organizing with Zoom: Challenges, Opportunities, and Background Noise”

Broadcast Radio as Community Organizing: Who’s impacted, and where do we go from here?

It was announced in December of 2020 that the Twin Cities would loose two locally owned radio stations. KZGO broadcasted an Urban Top 40 sound, and KQGO filled the airwaves with “modern alternative” music. However, each station struggled to gain ratings in the increasingly competitive market for audio attention. In the traditional radio arena, ratingsContinue reading “Broadcast Radio as Community Organizing: Who’s impacted, and where do we go from here?”

MP3 Players in the Pandemic: Looking back while moving forward

The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated our time spent online. As early as June 2020, PC Magazine reported an unprecedented increase in time spent online. Since the pandemic began, Facebook saw a 27% increase in daily web traffic. TikTok saw a 25% increase. Zoom gained a 2,900% increase in daily participants. We collectively spent 3,800 years eachContinue reading “MP3 Players in the Pandemic: Looking back while moving forward”